Friday, October 13, 2017

Weekly Report - Week 8 - 10/13/2017

Language Arts - This week I wrote a paragraph about the differences between the Maze Runner movie and the book. I also did my TTRS lessons and some spelling review. I did a Friday Freewrite about how much I hate Friday Freewrites. I read more chapters in The Death Cure.

Math - This week I finished up Volume II of Learn Math Fast and started Volume 3, Pre-Algebra. I started working on Hands On Equations level 1. I worked on math facts on XtraMath. I am SO CLOSE to having all of my times tables green.

Makerspace - I worked on my giant cardboard sword some more. I worked on the blade and making the edges of the sword. I wasn’t able to finish it this week because we ran out of tape.

Art - We worked on our halloween art projects some more. I am making a dragon out of something that is kind of like paper mache but it is more clay like. It’s something my teacher mixed up herself.

Science - We learned about elements and compounds and how you can take a compound apart into its individual elements but elements can’t be taken apart or turned into different elements. This is called The Law of Conservation of Matter. We watched Ted-Ed and BrainPop videos about the Law of Conservation of Matter and some other videos about making and breaking up water molecules. And we made gold! Ha ha, just kidding. That’s impossible. In my Uzinggo lessons, I learned about DNA structure and how there are four nitrogenous bases. I learned about the double helix shape and how DNA is in chromosomes and how chromosomes are in the center of cells in the nuclei. We also learned about what makes leaves change color in the fall. It is because they stop producing chlorophyll since the days get shorter and it isn't worth it to the tree to try and photosynthesize during the shorter days, so they stop putting energy into the leaves. As the chlorophyll breaks down, we can see the other pigments that the leaves have in them.

Other - In my co-op cooking class we decorated cupcakes. In Survival Skills we practiced using compasses. I have to write a 3-5 minute demonstration speech for my Speech & Poetry class. I am going to demonstrate how to make a can stove. We went on a walk along the river trail up Provo Canyon to see all the fall leaves.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Week 7 - 10/7/2017

Language Arts - This week I got to have a day where my only school was to read! I am reading The Death Cure (3rd book in the Maze Runner series). I also got to watch the Maze Runner movie. It was quite a bit different from the book. I wrote a journal entry about getting to spend time with my aunts when they were in town last weekend. I also wrote an example paragraph.
Math - This week I finished percentages and did a review of Negative Numbers. I also practiced math facts on XtraMath.
Makerspace - I got to bring home my FrankenToy and my notebook. My FrankenToy has a bear head on a dog body, with an extra leg sewn on top of its head kind of like a unicorn horn. It has a light that flashes in the middle of its forehead. There are the parts of a toy phone inside so it makes lots of weird noises when you squeeze it. It turned out cuter than I meant for it to. For our next project, we started making stuff out of cardboard. My first project is a big cardboard sword.
Art - We started working on a halloween art project. I will post a picture of it when we bring it home, probably next week or the week after.
Science - We didn’t have time for a group science lesson, but on Uzinggo I learned about orbits and how the size, velocity and angle of the objects determine how the orbit will go. I also learned about energy sources and renewable vs nonrenewable resources.

Other - I recited the poem Skeleton Parade for my co-op Speech & Poetry class. We made zucchini muffins in my co-op cooking class.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Weekly Report - Week 6 9/29/2017

Language Arts - I wrote a short summary of The Maze Runner. I finished up All About Spelling level 3 and am just doing review until we are ready to get the next one to start. I was finally able to get Death Cure from the library (book 3 in the Maze Runner series) to read and so I am reading that. I also was able to get the movies for the first two books and am excited to watch those.  I also did a paragraph and supporting details assignment from my Writing Skills A book.
Math - I did lessons on calculating percentages in Learn Math Fast. I also practiced my XtraMath math facts.
Makerspace - This week we took apart toys and put them back together in different ways to make FrankenToys.
Art - I am still working on the colored pencil project of a pistol.
Science - This week we read some from The Story of Science and we also learned about the three methods of heat transfer--convection, conduction, and radiation. We watched a Bill Nye about Heat and also some other Youtube videos about heat. We drew a diagram that showed the different methods of heat transfer.

Other - In my cooking class at co-op we made stir fry. It turned out good but I like it better when we make treats! In my speech and poetry class we had to write poems about an item that mentioned all of our senses. I did a poem about a cracker.

In my diagram:

Radiation is the heat coming up from the fire through the air
Convection is the heat in the water molecules, causing the hotter molecules to rise
Conduction is the heat traveling through the pan and into the handle. I made my handle look wood, so it isn't a very good conductor, but if it was metal, it would get really hot!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Weekly Report - Week 5- 9/22/2017

Week 5 9/22/2017
Language Arts - I worked on my biography project a little. I also did a Writing Skills lesson on Giving Conditions using “if” and “unless” sentences. I finished The Scorched Trials and we put the next book on hold at the library. We also put holds on the movies of The Maze Runner and The Scorched Trials.
Math - I did Division of Fractions on Math Antics this week, as well as practiced my multiplication facts on XtraMath. One day I did some math activities on Uzinggo about statistics and representing data with picture graphics.
Makerspace - We brought toys that had some electronic or mechanical components and took them apart. I took apart a little noisemaking toy telephone for little kids.
Art - I am still working on my colored pencil pistol project.
Science - We did a lab where we calculated the density of different items using a kitchen scale to measure mass and a graduated cylinder to measure volume. Even though the density of water is stated to be 1 g/mL, that is only under certain conditions. Our water density was closer to 0.64 g/mL. We also made boats out of aluminum foil and had fun figuring out good shapes and designed and seeing how much they could hold. We learned that something will float if it can displace water equal in weight to its own weight. We watched a Bill Nye on Buoyance and a How Things Work on Floating, as well as a couple other videos on YouTube. We watched a Density video on BrainPop as well.
Other - We had a park day with one of our co-ops this week. My other co-op was fun. In Speech and Poetry we did an activity where we pulled an item out of a bag and had to try and talk about it for one whole minute. It was harder than it seemed. My climbing class at Momentum was really fun again. And my Hamilton class was interesting. We learned about George Washington.

Here are some of the boats we made.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Weekly Report - Week 4

Week 4 9/15/2017
Language Arts - I read quite a bit of Scorched Trials. I also did spelling lessons. I did TTRS. I did some assignments about telling when in my Writing Skills book. I read a book about Houdini for a biography project I am going to work on next week. I marked interesting facts about him in the book to include. I don’t see how he did his tricks. They obviously have to be fake but it is tricky to see what he did. How could he get out of a sealed milk jug full of water when he was tied up inside and it was welded shut?
Math - I did more fractions with MathAntics including Easiest Common Denominator and Least Common Denominator. I also practiced my multiplication facts on Xtra Math.
Makerspace - I cut wood and drilled holes in it for a cover to my sketchbook. I got to use a table saw and a drill press.
Art - I used colored pencils to color my pistol.
Science - We learned about how evaporating water molecules absorb heat energy, while condensating water vapor releases heat. We demonstrated this by boiling a pan of water and holding a pan of ice above it. The water vapor condensed on the bottom of the pan and it transferred heat to the pan of ice and caused it to melt much quicker than just a dry pan heated underneath. In Uzinggo this week I learned about batteries and circuits and how you can have resistors in a series and in parallel. If they are in a series and you remove one, the other one will not work. If they are parallel, one can be removed or not working and the other one will still work.
Other - In my co-op Foods class we made puppy chow. I had to stay home from my other co-op because I had a really bad kink in my neck. I also started the Own It curriculum. I learned to play Oh Susanna on the piano.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Weekly Report - Weeks 1-3

Language Arts - I did lessons from Writing Skills Book A about Compound Sentences and telling why and when. I also did a couple of Free Writing assignments, as well as a couple of journal entries. I did some spelling review lessons and a couple new lesson. I am reading The Scorched Trials, the second book in the Mazerunner series.  
Math - I have been working on Fractions with lessons from MathAntics and the worksheets. Fractions have been kind of hard for me so my mom and I are spending time reviewing the concepts. I am understanding them better now. We also played Pizza Fraction Fun.
Makerspace - I had to miss one class because there was a really bad accident that closed the freeway. In the first class, we did introductions and worked on designing our notebooks.
Art - I am working on my pencil drawing of a pistol.
Science - We learned about Brownian Motion and how molecules and how atoms are always moving. We did some experiments of putting food coloring in waters that were different temperatures. The hot water became one color fastest. This is because the molecules are moving faster and can push the dye molecules around more quickly.

Other - We have gone swimming at the Rec Center a couple times since school started and it is so nice because almost noone is there. I am doing piano again this year.  We started our two homeschool co-ops this past week. My classes are Survival Skills, Cooking, Speech & Poetry, Climbing at Momentum/Funtopia, and Hamilton: The Man and What Made Him. I really liked the climbing at Funtopia. They have some really cool obstacles/activities. I might take some pictures of them to show my mom so if I do I’ll post them on my blog.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Pastel Waterfall

My latest project I finished in art class.

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