Friday, May 18, 2018

Week 35 5/18/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - I finished adding the dress ups for my Goldilocks story. I watched the 
final lesson on Disc 2 of IEW Student Writing Intensive B. I did a keyword outline of the 
story of the salt peddler and the donkey. I read some more in The Martian.

 Math - I started chapter 7 which is percents. I learned how to find what percent of a number 
another number is, and how to calculate a certain percent of a number. 

Makerspace - We prepared for the Maker showcase and worked on cleaning up the 
Makerspace. Monday night we had the showcase. 

 Art - I started to do a pencil picture. I’m drawing storm clouds.

Science - In Uzinggo I learned about lunar and solar eclipses. A lunar eclipse is when the 
earth’s shadow blocks out the moon, and a solar eclipse is when the moon blocks out the 
sun. A lunar eclipse happens at night and a solar eclipse happens during the day. A solar 
eclipse can only be seen from a certain part of the world along a fairly narrow path, whereas 
a lunar eclipse can be seen by half the world at a time. Our mold terrariums are really gross
and moldy. We are keeping them for one more week and then will throw them away, as it will
have been a month. We also watched science videos a couple of times at lunch this week. 

 Other - I have my last game for Bantam basketball league for March league play. 

My Makerspace Showcase stuff

One of our science lunch playlists

Mine & my brother's mold terrariums -- mine are the two on the right

Monday, May 14, 2018

Week 34 5/11/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - I worked some more on my Goldilocks story and added the dress-ups. I read some more of The Martian. I did TTRS.

Math - Finished the second review of Chapter 6. Also did Hands On Equations 3.

Makerspace - I worked on my project. It requires a lot of precision which is hard since I am not that good with the tools.

Art - I finished my rose and brought it home.

Science - I did some lessons on space science. I learned about how there are a lot of different telescopes to observe different things, like ray telescopes, radio telescopes, and x-ray telescopes. I learned about the different kinds and what they are used for.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Week 33 5/4/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - This week I used the Story Structure Outline to do an outline of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and then I used that to write up my own version of the story. We spent some time editing it and will finish it next week. I also had a spelling lesson. I finally got back to reading The Martian as I haven’t had much time to read it the past couple weeks. Did my TTRS lessons.

Math - More with rates and proportions and graphing them and calculating unit rate. I started the review of Chapter 6. Also did some Hands On Equations 3.

Makerspace - My stuff came to work on my final project. I also went to the open lab day to get some more time to work on it.

Art - Still working on my rose. So many petals to do.

Science - We checked our mold terrariums. My one in the fridge is not moldy at all. The ones out of the fridge are starting to mold--especially the orange slice.

Other - My best friend’s birthday was this week so I got to go to his party. I also had a one on one practice with my basketball coach. That was really helpful and I played really good in the game on Saturday. We ended up losing by 3 but I felt good about how I played.

Mold Terrarium 

Close up of the moldy orange

Monday, April 30, 2018

Week 32 4/27/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - I finished my retelling of the Lion and the Shepherd story and I typed up some and my mom typed up some. I had a spelling lesson. I had the last week of co-op and in my Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens class we played a review game. 

Math - I worked on rates and proportions, including graphing them and different ways to solve. I also did some Hands On Equations 3.

Makerspace - My project supplies hadn’t arrived so I couldn’t really do anything. I just kind of hung out. 

Art - Still working on my garden rose. I worked on more petals. There are like 30 petals so it takes a while to get them all done.  

Science - Biology - in my class this week we learned about stimulus and response.We did an activity where the teacher had a bunch of foods in a bag and would pull one out and observed what our responses were. For example, she would pull out some candy and some people got really excited. She pulled out broccoli and some people liked it but some people didn’t it.  
Mystery science - we learned about the importance of decomposes and made a mold terrarium inside of. Plastic bag. We can observe it over a couple of weeks and see what the mold grows on and how fast.

Other - I had a basketball game on Saturday. We didn’t win but my coach was pleased that I was playing more aggressively. We also got to go see Avengers: Infinity War on Friday. My mom is a big Marvel fan so we were all pretty excited about it. I also got to go on a campout with the 11 year old scouts. They invited the older boys and one of my best friends is in that group so it was fun to go on a campout with him.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Week 31 4/20/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - I am still reading The Martian. I did the next lesson in IEW Student Writing Intensive B. It was about stories and the different parts of a story. We used the story of the Shepherd and the Lion for our example. I finished the first paragraph retelling of it and will do the second and third paragraphs next week. I also did TTRS and had a spelling lesson.

Math - I finished the Chapter 5 review in Math Mammoth. I did some Hands On Equations 3. I started the next chapter in in Math Mammoth, and am now in 7B. It is on rates and ratios.

Makerspace - I came up with my capstone project idea and ordered the materials. I am going to make some lasercut wooden framed sunglasses.

Art - At art class I am still working on my rose. I painted the petals this week.

Science - In Mystery Science class we learned about what plants “eat” and did an experiment with balloons to show that air actually has weight. It was important to blow up the balloons and THEN deflate the ones on one side, because when you blow up a balloon you are adding a bit of moisture from the saliva in your mouth and blowing up the ones before you deflate them helps balance that out in all the balloons. We learned that General Sherman, the largest sequoia tree, “eats” about 4 lbs of air a day. It’s pretty amazing that plants take the carbon from the air and turn it into STUFF.

In my biology class we learned about homeostasis. We did some experiments with our own bodies and balancing on one foot. Some people had a hard time doing it but I was pretty good at it and never fell over. We also measured how quickly our hearts would go back to resting rate after exercising. It took me 5 seconds, which was the fastest time.

In Uzinggo I learned about the life cycle of stars. They start out as a nebula and then that nebula compacts into the start of a star and it keeps growing and growing and eventually turns into either a Red Giant or a White Dwarf. Red Giants eventually explode and can turn into a black hole.

Other - I had basketball practice and I have a game on Saturday.

Air has weight experiment

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Week 30 4/13/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - This week I read more of The Martian. I also had a spelling lesson, did TTRS, and had a discussion with my mom about the differences and similarities between the book Ready Player One and the movie adaptation. Most of the story details were different because all of the challenges (gates & keys) were very different in the movie than in the book, but the main characters and the main events of the book were the same.

Math - I finished up Chapter 5 in Math Mammoth 7A and am working on the chapter review. It was more on slope and lines. I also did some Hands On Equations 3.

Makerspace - We are supposed to figure out what we are doing for our final project but I didn’t have any ideas at class so i didn’t have much to work on. I think I am going to do something with charging  a battery either manually or solar or something though.

Art - I worked more on my rose garden painting. Probably have another week or two before I finish it, though.

Science - In my Mystery Science class we learned about food chains and how you can ask the questions “What does it eat?” and “What eats it?” whenever you see an organism in an area and that can help you discover more about the area and the organism. We played a food chain card game. In my biology class we learned about life cycles.

Other - I had a scout campout Friday/Saturday. I did the rifleman merit badge so I got to shoot a .22 rifle. It was fun, but harder than I thought to aim and get good shots off. I also had basketball practice twice this week and a game Saturday night. It was a close game and we were ahead the first half but ended up losing by two points. Also this week we went on a field trip to the California Pizza Kitchen which was fun and the pizzas we got to make were good.

Pizza chef at the California Pizza Kitchen 

Field Trip to California Pizza Kitchen

Tour of the kitchen at California Pizza Kitchen

Monday, April 2, 2018

Week 29 3/30/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - This week I did a keyword outline on a passage about the development of antiseptics for hospital use. I then used my outline to write a summary paragraph. I also did TTRS this week. I read more of the Martian. I also got to go see the movie Ready Player One with my mom and dad because we all read the book.

Math - I did more inequalities in Math Mammoth 7A. I also started learning about slope and how to calculate it from a line or from coordinates. I also did some Hands On Equations 3.

Makerspace - Practiced using servo motors and designed a circuit using a microcontroller and a servo. I didn’t finish mine in class but I brought it home to finish over spring break.

Art - I started painting my watercolor garden rose project. I am about one-third of the way done.

Science - In Mystery Science we experimented with baking soda and vinegar in ziploc baggies trying to get the right amounts to make the bag pop open. My group was the first one to get it to pop open. It was fun.

Biology - In my co-op biology class we learned about genes and heredity and did a fun activity where we got paper chromosomes from a potato parent and then based on whether the traits were dominant or recessive figured out what our potato offspring creature would look like. It was pretty fun.

Other - For scouts this week we hiked to the Y which was fun though my legs were sore after. I was glad it was this week and not last week since my ankle was better this week.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Week 28 3/23/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - This week I read a passage on blood transfusions and wrote a keyword outline and then my own paragraph from my outline. I also did my TTRS lessons.

Math - In Math Mammoth 7A I did more algebraic problem solving, reviewed using the Distributive Property, and practiced solving word problems by setting up equations with variables. I also did more Hands on Equations 3 and some XtraMath fact practice.

Makerspace - We practiced using servo motors and we we also built more small circuits. We are waiting on parts to start our next main project with the circuits.

Art - I worked more on my garden rose watercolor project. It will take a while to do.

Science - Mystery Science: We tested out different ingredients to see what would make slime. Borax/Water/Glue was the only recipe that we tried that really worked. Then at home we tried making more but wanted to add food coloring, and something in the food coloring totally ruined that batch. We looked on the ingredients of the food coloring and saw that it contained propylene glycol, which is the same as antifreeze. So we think that messed up the water absorption of the borax/glue mixture because this one would never soak up the liquid like it was supposed to. But our other slime turned out great.
Biology- we learned about genetics and practiced doing Punnett Squares. We also tasted PTC paper to see who could taste it and who couldn’t. I couldn’t taste anything.
Uzinggo- I learned about space shuttles and how before the shuttle they had rockets that were just single use. The space shuttle saved a lot of money because they just had to replace the fuel tanks each time, which made more missions possible.

Other - My ankle is doing better. I had to be on crutches for a little while to rest it but now I just need to strengthen it and improve flexibility. It doesn’t hurt now so that’s good.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Week 27 3/16/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - I finished reading Ready Player One. I really liked that book and am excited to see the movie in a couple weeks. I watched the next lesson in IEW about using good adverbs and descriptive adjectives. I also had a spelling lesson. 

Math - I worked on two step equations in Math Mammoth 7A. I also did Hands On Equations 3 and XtraMath for fact practice.

Makerspace - I soldered two wires together to practice soldering. I also did some circuits with breadboards. I made a motor spin and a buzzer beep. 

Art - I worked more on my garden rose watercolor project. I am still sketching it.

Science - In our Mystery Science co-op class we learned about acids and tested acids with baking powder, baking soda, and indicator liquid (made from purple cabbage).
For my co-op Biology class we learned about Mitosis and Meiosis. We learned about how the chromosomes duplicate themselves to make copies for the new cells.

Other - My ankle is still bothering me so I now have a brace and crutches. I hope it gets feeling better soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Week 26 3/9/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - This week I did a keyword outline and paragraph on early anesthetics. I also had a spelling lesson. I read more of the book Ready Player One.

Math - I finished up Chapter 4 in Math Mammoth 7A. I did XtraMath for fact practice and also did more exercises in Hands On Equations 3.

Makerspace - I finished up my e-textile (e for electronic). See picture below.

Art - This week I worked on a watercolor painting of a garden rose. It will take me awhile to finish it. Right now I am still working on sketching it so I haven’t started any painting yet.

Science - In Mystery Science we used the salt and vinegar solution that cleaned the pennies last week (by removing the layer of dull copper) to put a copper coating on a steel nail. We put the salt & vinegar and a few pennies in a baggie and after about 30 minutes the nail started to look copper.
In my Biology co-op class we learned about DNA. Our class activity was getting DNA from a strawberry. We got dish soap and a strawberry in a bag. We squished it all up so it was all solid, then strained out all the solid bits with cheesecloth. Then we were able to get out the DNA and look at it. It was kind of like clear slime.
In Uzinggo I learned about telescopes and how they work. There are two types, refracting and reflecting. Reflecting telescopes use a set of mirrors and lenses. Refracting telescopes just use lenses.

Other - I finished up my Junior Jazz season this week. I sprained ankle in our second game Saturday and so that’s been painful. Earlier in the week my brother learned how to do exploding stick chains at scouts so we had fun doing those this week as well. I put a slo-mo video of one I made below.

My e-textile 

My Junior Jazz team - The LA Clippers