Saturday, March 17, 2018

Week 27 3/16/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - I finished reading Ready Player One. I really liked that book and am excited to see the movie in a couple weeks. I watched the next lesson in IEW about using good adverbs and descriptive adjectives. I also had a spelling lesson. 

Math - I worked on two step equations in Math Mammoth 7A. I also did Hands On Equations 3 and XtraMath for fact practice.

Makerspace - I soldered two wires together to practice soldering. I also did some circuits with breadboards. I made a motor spin and a buzzer beep. 

Art - I worked more on my garden rose watercolor project. I am still sketching it.

Science - In our Mystery Science co-op class we learned about acids and tested acids with baking powder, baking soda, and indicator liquid (made from purple cabbage).
For my co-op Biology class we learned about Mitosis and Meiosis. We learned about how the chromosomes duplicate themselves to make copies for the new cells.

Other - My ankle is still bothering me so I now have a brace and crutches. I hope it gets feeling better soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Week 26 3/9/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - This week I did a keyword outline and paragraph on early anesthetics. I also had a spelling lesson. I read more of the book Ready Player One.

Math - I finished up Chapter 4 in Math Mammoth 7A. I did XtraMath for fact practice and also did more exercises in Hands On Equations 3.

Makerspace - I finished up my e-textile (e for electronic). See picture below.

Art - This week I worked on a watercolor painting of a garden rose. It will take me awhile to finish it. Right now I am still working on sketching it so I haven’t started any painting yet.

Science - In Mystery Science we used the salt and vinegar solution that cleaned the pennies last week (by removing the layer of dull copper) to put a copper coating on a steel nail. We put the salt & vinegar and a few pennies in a baggie and after about 30 minutes the nail started to look copper.
In my Biology co-op class we learned about DNA. Our class activity was getting DNA from a strawberry. We got dish soap and a strawberry in a bag. We squished it all up so it was all solid, then strained out all the solid bits with cheesecloth. Then we were able to get out the DNA and look at it. It was kind of like clear slime.
In Uzinggo I learned about telescopes and how they work. There are two types, refracting and reflecting. Reflecting telescopes use a set of mirrors and lenses. Refracting telescopes just use lenses.

Other - I finished up my Junior Jazz season this week. I sprained ankle in our second game Saturday and so that’s been painful. Earlier in the week my brother learned how to do exploding stick chains at scouts so we had fun doing those this week as well. I put a slo-mo video of one I made below.

My e-textile 

My Junior Jazz team - The LA Clippers

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Week 25 3/2/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - This week I did another keyword outline and wrote up my paragraph on
the topic of rotten teeth and early false teeth. I’m glad we have dentists now who can repair
teeth! They used to get teeth from dead people to use as replacements. I also had a spelling
lesson, did TTRS lessons, and started reading the book Ready Player One. My mom will
take me to the movie when it comes out if I read it, and it looks like a cool movie.

Math - In Math Mammoth 7 I did a review of Scientific Notation and went over PEMDAS
(order of operations) with Rational Numbers. I also did fact practice on XtraMath and
worked on Hands on Equations 3.

Makerspace - I was sick Monday so I wasn’t able to make it to Makerspace.

Art - I finished my colored pencil butterfly project. I put a picture of it below. It’s pretty
small, only about 4x4 inches or so.

Science - In my co-op Mystery Science class we learned about potions and alchemists of a
long time ago. We tested different solutions (salty water, soapy water, vinegar, and salt/vinegar)
to see which one worked to make a dull penny shiny. Only the salt/vinegar mixture worked.

In my co-op Biology class we did a frog dissection. We worked in groups of 3 and identified
the different organs inside the frog. My friend did the cutting and I watched.

In Uzinggo I learned about the carbon cycle. Carbon in the air goes into the plants, which in
turn are eaten by animals. Eventually those animals die and their carbon can become fossil
fuels which get burned by power plants which releases carbon back into the air. Also animals
breathing releases carbon into the air, too. So the carbon just cycles around and around.  

Other - I had another post-season basketball game. We won so we play again next week. I
scored 8 points.

This one shows the shiny penny better than the other one, but this group lost their salty water one. 

All of the shiny pennies used to be really dull and dirty looking. This is in the Salt & Vinegar mixture. 

My butterfly drawing done with colored pencils

My friend Porter and I doing the frog dissection

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Week 24 2/23/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - I had a spelling lesson this week. I also did the last lesson
in my Student Writing Intensive B disc 1, which was adding titles. So I went
back to my compositions for the past few assignments and added titles. I also
typed a paragraph about what I liked about the movie Black Panther.

Math - I worked on multiplying and dividing rational numbers and changing
decimals to fractions and vice versa. Sometimes it is easier to solve problems
with fractions and sometimes it is easier to use decimal numbers, so it is good
to be comfortable changing them.

Makerspace - We didn’t have Makerspace class this week because of President’s

Art - I worked more on my colored pencil monarch butterfly.

Science - We watched a BBC special on Algorithms. We also watched Magic School
Bus with my little siblings about the three states of matter. On Uzinggo I learned about
erosion in rocks and how it can be caused by wind, water, sand. I learned about the
Rock Cycle and how rocks get broken down and then built back up into other kinds of

Other - We went to the Little Red play at the SCERA theater. We also got to go see
Black Panther at the movie theater. We had our first post-season basketball games
for Junior Jazz. We won the first game but lost the second game by 7 points. We
play again next Saturday. We also went swimming because we didn’t have co-op
this week.

My brothers and I at Little Red. My little sister didn't want to be in the picture. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Week 23 2/16/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - This week I did keyword outlines of 3 paragraphs about Charles
Darwin. I used our new typewriter to type them which was fun.  I also had a spelling

Math - I worked more on rational numbers and adding/subtracting and multiplying them.
I also did more Hands On Equations 3 and some Xtra Math drill practice.

Makerspace -This week we learned more about eTextiles. You can use electronics in
textiles. We started making an embroidered etextile with fabric and conductive thread.

Art -I started a new project, its a monarch butterfly, I'm using colored pencil.

Science - Mystery Science: We learned about the hart and how hard it works to pump
our blood we squeezed a ball of paper for a minute.
Biology class:We learned about photosynthesis and how it makes oxygen by using light
to make energy.

Other - I had my last Junior Jazz game. We are going to have some post season games.
My dad and sister and I went skiing on Friday and it was the best snow we have had
all winter.


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Week 22 2/9/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - I revised and typed up my paragraph from Alice in Wonderland.
I wrote in my journal. I had a spelling lesson and did a big spelling word review.
In Art of Argument we are learning about fallacies. We learned about the ad
hominem abusive, which is basically just insulting the person making the argument
rather than arguing against their position. We also learned about the genetic fallacy,
which means that an argument is invalid just because of the place it came from. That
can be the case, but it isn't a valid argument on its own. We also did ad hominem
circumstantial, which is saying that an argument is invalid because the person making
the argument does the thing they are saying not to do. For example saying, "You
shouldn't smoke because it's bad for your lungs," and arguing back "But you smoke."

Math - I did XtraMath facts practice and Hands On Equations 3 lessons. I finished up
the Chapter 3 review in Math Mammoth 7A. I did some basic algebra equations practice
from Learn Math Fast. I started Chapter 4 Rational Numbers in Math Mammoth. A rational
number is a number that can be written as a fraction and when written as a decimal is
terminating or repeating.

Makerspace - This week we learned about eTextiles. You can use electronics in textiles.
This week we used copper tape and paper to make circuits on the paper.

Art - No art class this week, but my class starts up again next week. I have worked a lot
on mastering my Rubiks cube, so maybe that counts as art in some way? Ha ha.

Science - I had a lot of science this week, which is great because I love science.
Uzinggo: I learned about P and S waves. A P wave is a primary wave, and
these are waves often caused by earthquakes. S waves are secondary waves and they
are vibrations. Scientists can mimic waves through a planet to measure how many layers
a planet has. P waves can travel both through solid and liquid, but S waves only go
through solids. P waves go slower through liquid.
Biology class: we learned about cellular respiration which is how cells get energy from
food. So in class we did an experiment with two beakers, each with 100 mL of warm water.
One with sugar water and one with regular water. We added yeast to both of them and
measured which one rose up more. The one with sugar, the bubbles rose up to the 300 mL
line. The one without sugar didn’t bubble at all. This showed that the sugar helps the yeast
activate and make more foam.  
Mystery Science: We learned about rocks and erosion and did an activity where we shook
sugar cubes in containers to “erode” them and see how they would lose their sharp edges
from being tumbled around with other rocks over time.
Family: We did two more activities from our Steve Spangler science box. One was a foam
glider and the other was a crystal growing tree. We took a time lapse video of the crystal
growing tree that was cool. I posted the video down below.

Other - Last Saturday we had our First Lego League Tournament. Our team accomplished
two missions. Our project was pretty good and we scored in the middle of all the teams.
Hopefully next year we will have a team that is a little more experienced or dedicated. This
year I was really the only member who had any programming experience.

Pictures from our Sugar Cube Erosion activity

My dad, myself, and my sister. My sister was an assistant coach this year.

Our First Lego League Team: The Ovorp Flying Platypi 

At the competition

Friday, February 2, 2018

Week 21 2/2/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - This week I watched the next video lesson in IEW Student Writing
Intensive B. He talked about the “dress ups” of connecting sentences with “because”
and also not using weak verbs like said, thought, and go/went. I checked one of my
assignments from earlier to make sure I didn’t have weak verbs and also did a keyword
outline and paragraph about a section from Alice in Wonderland. I also had a spelling
lesson. One of my co-op classes is The Art of Argument which I think kind of fits with
language arts, too.

Math - I did more Hands On Equations 3. I also did Chapter 3 review in Math Mammoth

Makerspace - Still working on our logo project in Inkscape.

Art - My teacher is still on break and I had a busy week so I didn’t do any extra arts
on my own.

Science - We learned about different types of lava that volcanoes have. Volcanoes
with thick lava are more likely to explode because the gas gets trapped inside the
volcano. Thinner lava lets the gas out more easily and so those are less likely to
explode. We had samples of “lava” (flour plus water and food coloring and then just
plain water) that we blew bubbles in.  In my co-op Biology class we reviewed differences
between plant and animal cells and parts of cells. In Uzinggo I learned about ocean
currents and how they are affected by different things, such as continental deflect, the
spinning of the earth, temperatures, and winds.

Other - We have our First Lego League tournament tomorrow. Unfortunately our team
this year is not very good because most of them are first years and it’s hard for kids to
learn enough in one year to be any good. My dad was the guest speaker in our Guest
Speaker class and that was fun. He talked about how programs are able to learn things
through trial and error. Programs can do 1000 attempts in an hour, for example, so they
can “learn” something completely new in 3 days given an objective.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Week 20 1/26/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - I did a key word summary and paragraph from the story The Donkey
and his Driver. I did a journal entry about our first week of co-op. I had spelling lessons
and did TTRS.

Math - I did more Hands On Equations 3. I went over division and multiplication one step
equations in Math Mammoth 7A. I practiced math facts on XtraMath.

Makerspace - We are still designing our project in Inkscape.

Art - Still no art class because my teacher was on break. I didn’t really have a chance
to do any art on my own because we were pretty busy with co-op starting up again this

Science - This semester I get to learn a lot of science. I am in a Mystery Science class
at our co-op that my mom is teaching. This week we learned about the volcano that
popped up in a Mexican field in 1943 and about the Pacific Ring of Fire. We split into
groups and graphed where different volcanoes are.I am also doing a biology class and
this week we learned about the parts of cells and what they do and in class we got to
make a cookie cell with candy organelles, so that was really fun.

Other - I had a Junior Jazz game this weekend. We lost the game but I scored 18
points. At co-op I am taking an Art of Argument class and a Highly Effective Habits
for Teens class. I am also in a Guest Lecture class, and this week my dad’s business
partner came in and talked about one of the jobs they are working on which is developing
AI stuff for a drone. He brought the drone, which was pretty cool. I also had First Lego
League. Our tournament is next Saturday. My dad (the coach for FLL) and I had a group
phone call with a scientist about our idea for something that would help water quality.

Ring of Fire

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Week 19 1/19/2018 Weekly Report

Language Arts - This week I proofread and made changes on my keyword summary on
the farmer and his sons. I also had spelling lessons. I am rereading some of my Tom
Gates books because I need to get some new books to read. On Friday we did a
freewrite on our favorite candy. We also did bit of a refresher on basic sentence
diagramming. I did TTRS lessons.

Math - I did more Hands On Equations 3 as well as some XtraMath practice. In Math
Mammoth 7 I did chapter 3, One Step Equations. It was mostly review since I’d already
learned about equations and practiced them a lot in Hands On Equations.

Makerspace - We didn’t have Makerspace this week because of the holiday.

Art - My art teacher is still on break but my siblings and mom and I did some Art for Kids
Hub videos on YouTube. They were pretty simple but still fun.

Science - We watched videos this week. Quite a few about atoms and also a really neat
one about how televisions work by the SloMo Guys. In my Uzinggo lessons I learned about
water testing of surface water and learned about groundwater.

Other - I had a basketball game this week. I scored 7 points in my game. I also got to go
skiing at Sundance with my dad and sister since we FINALLY got a good storm.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Week 18 1/12/2018 Weekly Report

Week 18 1/12/2018
Language Arts - I did a keyword outline from a story and wrote a summary of it. I also typed
up a poem from a book that I liked. I also had spelling lessons and we read more of A Wrinkle
in Time.

Math - I did some lessons in Math Mammoth 7A about negative fractions and averaging
positive/negative values. I also went over Order of Operations and did the reviews for
Chapter 2.

Makerspace - We worked on Inkscape to design a project. We are making logos for things
we thought of such as as a super hero, a company, a fashion line, etc.

Art - My art teacher just had a baby so we won’t have classes for a few weeks. We did take
a field trip down to the Springville Art Museum and it was fun to see the art. They also had
some fun interactive activities that my little siblings and I played around with.

Science - In our Steve Spangler box we had some fun Science of Toys activities/
experiments. We got to play with Magic Sand, which has a hydrophobic coating so it doesn’t
really get wet. It also looks really shiny and clumps together when it is under water. We also
got a Drinking Bird and it was cool to see how that works. I thought it was interesting that the
evaporation off the head was enough to cool it down and cause the whole thing to work. In
Uzinggo I am learning about the Water Cycle. We also watched some videos on water and
its properties including surface tension, and saw how many droplets of water we could get
on a penny or a quarter.  

Other - I had my 3rd Junior Jazz game this week. We won and so we are undefeated so far.
I really like my coach. I also had First Lego League and went skiing with my dad and sister.
I had to teach a lesson at church. I actually was supposed to teach it in December but I got
sick, then they wanted me to teach it a couple weeks ago but it ended up being a combined
lesson, so I FINALLY taught it on January 7th. I was really glad to have it over with!

Magic Sand under water

Surface tension at work!

At the Springville Museum of Art

Drinking Bird